The Sexton’s Cottage

2 Bridge Hotel Road Ouse


Built around 1843 this cottage was home for the Sexton of St John the Baptists Church.

A Sexton is a person who looks after a church and churchyard, typically acting as bell-ringer and gravedigger.

At the time, Ouse was a flourishing pastoral district, with incredible wealth being created along the rich alluvial plains of the Derwent and Ouse Rivers.

The cottage is situated on the original entrance to the township where a bridge once crossed the Ouse River. The beautiful Bridge Hotel sits at the bottom of the street and the Lachlan Hotel (still operating) neighbours the cottage.

Now a quiet, picturesque back street (the entrance to the town has since changed), the cottage sits waiting to be given a new life.

The property is Heritage Listed, but would be one of the easiest properties to modernise you will find. As the sandstone section is only in the front of the home, the rear can be stripped and rebuilt.

On all town services, with mains electricity supply recently renewed you costs can be managed.

The stone structure is in reasonable condition, with minimal warping or subsidence visible.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to purchase a sandstone cottage that you can transform into your own home or investment.

Do not enter the property without approval.

Please contact Hayden from Derwent Real Estate to arrange a private viewing.


2 Bridge Hotel Road Ouse

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Hayden Windsor

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